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ASME A17.1-2000 - Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators, Includes Addenda A (2002) and B (2003)


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This Code of safety standards covers the design, construction, operation, inspection, testing, maintenance, alteration, and repair of the following equipment, its associated parts, and its hoistways, where located in or adjacent to a building or structure (except as modified by para. 1.2): (a) hoisting and lowering mechanisms, equipped with a car or platform, which move between two or more landings. This equipment includes, but is not limited to, elevators; (b) power driven stairways and walkways for carrying persons between landings. This equipment includes, but is not limited to escalators and moving walks; (c) hoisting and lowering mechanisms equipped with a car which serves two or more landings and is restricted to the carrying of material by its limited size or limited access to the car. This equipment includes, but is not limited to, dumbwaiters and material lifts. This Code applies to new installations only, except Part 1, and 5.10, 8.1, 8.6, 8.7, 8.9, 8.10, and 8.11, which apply to both new and existing installations.

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